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Two Nitwits and a jar by KingLeoLionheart
Two Nitwits and a jar
I was inspirered by the Piggy Tales episode "Jammed" to do this  i mean how dumb can this pigs be

here's the link to the vid provided:…


…"Come back to us pal!"...

."Hold on ... Tantor! Try an elephant alarm clock!"…


Eren suddenly woken up as an elephant trumpet rang in his ears
"Ow! What the--what happened?!" the boy said as he rubbed his ear.

"Sorry about the Eren, but he had to bring you back somehow," Leo said as Eren got to his feet and looked around. Everything in the city was back to normal. All the people that were killed by the titans were alive and well. The buildings were repaired and everything related to Halloween was back.

"Wha..."what's going on?" Timon asked as the teams looked confused as what was going on around them.
"Peter what time is it?" Egon asked.

"It's a...six o' clock," Peter said as he looked at his watch."We got the evening back!"
"But if that's true then we done the impossible! The threat of the titans has ended!" Zuba cheered as everyone high-fived and congratulated each other on a job well done. Xiro noticed Kairel was distant from the group.

"True that we have stopped the Titans, but it was a bittersweet victory," Kairel said as she held her husband and remembered their son that they lost.
"Mum...Dad..." Xiro and Kairel suddenly heard as the turned to hear where the voice came from. "Excuse me but as anyone seen my mum and dad?" To their surprise, L.S was alive and well.
"L.S!" Xiro said as Little Simba turned in their direction.

"L.S!" Kairel cried as she and Xiro dropped their weapons and run to their son. In that moment, the family of anthro lions was reunited and shared a hug. Tears of joy come from Kairel's eyes. "Sweetie we thought you were dead.”

“Thank the lord you are safe" Xiro said as he hugged his son.
"Well it looks like we earned the right to do it all over again," Egon said watching the happy reunion as Leo saw a familiar figure as he was going to try and make a break for it.
"Hold it right there, numbskull! You got a lot to answer for Mr. Crowley" Leo said as Benny grabbed the mad doctor.

"I have no idea of what you're talking about" Crowley said trying to get out of it.
"Dude you were eaten by a 15 meter titan! You don’t remember that?" Johnny said annoyed.
"Look young man, it was not my fault! What happened proved my point, Next year I’ll try again, and next time I’ll...I’ll--.” But Crowley was interrupted as what seemed to be a small version of the Colossal Titan appeared before him. The kook screamed and ran all the way back to his mansion. The "Colossal Titan" took off its face, revealing to be only Slimer in a new Halloween costume.

"Good one Slimer" Rae laughed.
“But something is bothering me Eren,” Leo said to the young man. “How did you manage to break free from Archimonde's control anyway?"

Eren explained that the happy memories of his family and friends he remembered before Wall Maria fell, and that love was greater magic than Archimonde's magic.

“Well I'm glad I got to know you, bud," Leo said to Eren, who gave him a little smile, "and don't worry about Annie, Bertlot, & Reiner. Once tonight is over, we will work on getting you and the other three home."
Soon, Xiro's Family was joined by the bus driver of the bus that L.S was on. He thanked the cub for saving his baby son and gave L.S his costume as a reward.

"The perfect beginning to the perfect night, eh guys?" Winston said.
"Yeah, Winston! You got that right" Peter agreed as he turned to the others. "So who's up for a little trick or treating? I mean the night's young, no titans or ghosts around, magic is in the air and we already got our costumes on"

"You got it, Peter,” Johnny said. He pulled out a trick or treat bag the size of Tantor from his back pocket. “So where do we start?”
Everyone laughed happily as they set off to join other people for trick-or-treating.

The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 11
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar Teams along with the ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process

Find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween special The Halloween Door
A Short time later, the team was out on the streets. Time was running out. It was 11pm, which means they had an hour to fix the breach and restore the Halloween deal before any more titans came through. Eren couldn't help but feel worried.

"What if i don't transform or something else happens?" he asked.
"Don't worry Eren,” said Maurice. “As long as you stay focused to your mission it will be okay."
"If you do transform, you can always eat Mort," Julien added.
"Anything for the feet," Mort said as Eren looked confused.

"Heads up, everyone! We are heading to Central Park" Tatiana called as the group saw the breach but no titans.
"I don't like this. It's too quiet," Leo said.

"I agree. The PKE Meter is unable to register a single reading," Egon replied.
Just then, three people came out from the fog. They wore the same uniform as Eren, but two had blonde and one had black hair. All three had red eyes.

"What the do you know those guys, Eren?" Johnny asked.
"Yes i do,” Eren replied. “The one with the black hair is Bertolt Hoover. The guy with blonde hair is Reiner Braun and the young lady with them is Annie Leonhart, the female Titan.”
“Well if she's the female Titan, can't we blast her to kingdom come?" Timon asked preparing to fire
"Easy Timon,” said Rae. “Something tells me that those three are being used." She suddenly heard the sound of footsteps.

"Very good my dear," a voice called as Archimonde came into view.
"It's another Titan!" Pumbaa cried
"No, Pumbaa it's not it's Archimonde!" Leo said as the Fantasy Team got ready for battle.
"Archimonde took control of Eren, and the others used the Titans to slow us down while he uses the rift to bring more of those Lumbering dimwits," Dagnino said.
"Pretty impressive,” Archimonde said as he clapped his hands, “and they say that you are the slow one."

"Say what?!" Dagnino roared.
"Easy there," Leo said as he faced Archimonde. "What does Eren have anything to do with this?"
"Taking him and the other Titan shifters was necessary to my master's cause, “Archimonde explained. “In order for the destroyer to rule all worlds, he needed Dr. Yeager's journal and his son was the key to finding it."

"Do you know this Dr. Yeager, Eren?" Simba asked.
"Dr. Grisha Yeager is my father," Eren replied. “Even if I did found it, i won't turn my dad's journal to you!"
"Oh so unwise, boy," Archimonde said as he turned to Bertlot, Reiner and Annie. "Now my soliders, transform and get that book!"

The three transformed into the Colossal, Armoured and Female titans before everyone’s eyes. Leo turned to Eren who nodded and transformed into his Rouge Titan form.
"Now!" OBLITERATE THEM!!!!" Archimonde ordered as both teams engaged in battle.
Eren exchanged blows and fists with Archimonde as the Ghostbusters helped the Jungle Team fight the Female titan. The Madagascar Team fought against the Armoured titan, and then Alex noticed something.

"The joints are not protected! Guys aim for the joints first, then the Nape!" Alex called out.
Vitaly focused his aim and threw his axe at the Armoured Titan's joints. It roared with pain as it collapses to the ground. Alex judged his moment and slices into the armoured titan's Nape. He frees Reiner's body, who was still unconsciousness. As the Fantasy Adventure Team were battling the Colossal Titan, Xiro suddenly remember something.

"Kairel, I need you to cast an immune spell," he called his wife. Puzzled, she immediately casted the spell on the Colossal Titan. "Now Guys!"
Benny, Leo Johnny and Rae made a go for the Colossal Titan and slashed into its nape. They freed Bertlot's unconsciousness body and watched the Colossal titan's body crashing on a few empty buildings.

"The Bigger they are, the harder the fall," Johnny said as he spun his Keyblade.
As Eren continued to fight Archimonde, the Jungle team was giving everything they had to make a hit on the Female titan's nape. Each time they tried, she hardened her skin like crystal. Simba suddenly had an idea.

"Jungle team, hit every part on the Female titan's body!" the lion king called out.
Everyone began to fire on the female titan's body. Tatiana dodged hit after hit and managed to slice the female titan's skin repeatedly until the Female collapses from the loss of limbs.
"The Nape is exposed! Egon, now!!" Simba called.

"Roger that!" Egon shouted as the Ghostbusters fired at the nape.
Tantor freed Annie's unconsciousness body, and then suddenly a roar was heard as the teams watched in horror. Archimonde had defeated the Rouge Titan, who changed back into Eren.
"Prepare to join your parents in the afterlife," Archimonde said evilly as he prepared to stomp him.

"ARCHIMONDE!" a voice angrily called out. The demon turned to were the voice came from. He suddenly felt a sharp pain on his chest. He looked down and saw that Xiro and Kairel had stabbed Archimonde in the chest!

"You took our son from us,” Xiro said angrily. “You will never rob anyone of anything ever again!"
Archimonde stumbled to his knees and roared his final breath. The magic escaping him dragged every titan that came through the breach and sealed it. The Teams held on to something lives to avoid getting sucked in.
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 10
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar Teams along with the ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process

Find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween special The Halloween Door
Everyone had regrouped to the main office building off the LKHFF studio. The group waited in the main office while Zuba and Benny were upstairs scanning the young man, who was still out cold.
"Egon, you can't possibly say that the Titans were people!” Alex said shocked and confused. “How is that even possible?"

"I know it sounds impossible, but we saw what we saw" Peter said.
"Yeah, yeah!" Slimer added.

"well I’m thinking that in their world the titans must of been people that somehow got that way,” said Egon. “They were normal people untill via some form of mutation it spread like wildfire."
“I can only offer a theory that some of those people that were affected somehow regained their humanity back by eating the odd person here or there," Leo explained.

"The Titans now lie and wait like wolves," "The smell of blood in their nostrils, Waiting interminably waiting....and then" Blaze said much to the annoyance of Prowl "Seriously blaze?"

"What i like Father Ted" Blaze said as Kairel noticed that Winston and Ray looked upset about something.  

"What is it you two?" Kairel asked.
"Kairel....I'm sorry,” Ray said as he gave Kairel L.S's Blood stained jacket and the broken mobile phone. Kairel looked shocked. “When we were investigating our part of the city, we found this near a small church"
"I'm...I’m afraid we were too late...I’m so sorry." Peter said and Kairel collapsed to her knees and started crying. Xiro hugged his wife also with tears in his eyes. Just then, Benny and Zuba came down stairs.

"Everyone, our guest is awake!" The beast said.
Leo went over to his friend. "I'll see to our guest, pal. Xiro and Kairel need you for this time." he said.
Benny nodded as Leo entered the room.
"Wha...where am I? This isn't Wall Rose!" the young man said looking confused.
"Easy there! You are among friends, kid,” Leo said as the young man calmed down. “Now let’s start by getting to know you."

"My name is Eren Yeager," the young man said. Leo listened as Eren told him his whole story.
"I see. What about that green aura that came from you when the Ghostbusters found you?" Leo asked.

Eren gasped as he remembered the green aura. "Archimonde!" he responded. "That's his name I remember that he came from the darkness after the incident in the Stohess district and...He used my anger towards the titans to control me and three others! He took all of the terrible memories I had from that day Wall Maria fell and turned them into rage. There was nothing I could do. I was forced to revive those memories as I carried out Archimonde's plans!"

Eren was on the verge of tears as Leo placed his hand on Eren's shoulder.
"Eren it's okay. As a friend of mine once said, ‘You got to put your past behind you.’," Leo said as Eren looked confused. Then the young lion got an idea.

Everyone gathered in the main hall discussing their next move Leo enters the room.
"Everyone i have a plan" Leo said.
"We're all ears, Leo" Alex said. As he turned to face Leo, Alex screamed when he saw Eren. The Ghostbusters, most of the Fantasy Adventure team, the Jungle team and Madagascar team flew into a panic. Right away, they made a grab for their weapons.

"Whoa! Whoa!" What's with you all?" Rae asked as everyone was on edge.
"Him! Why is he out?!" Pumbaa shouted.
"He's a part of my plan," Leo responded.

"Leo are YOU INSANE!!!" Timon asked in a terrified manner. "You’re talking about a titan here! Titans eat guys like us!"

“Yes I know, but he can control his titan form. He could be helpful to our cause."
Everyone calmed down as Leo explain his plan.
"If Eren uses his titan form to combat Archimonde, he should buy us time to deal with the other titans."

"What about the rift?" asked Tatiana?
"We will sort this problem also," Leo said, and then he looked at Eren. "Will you help us?"
Eren was a little hesitant at first but turned into a smile
"Yes sir!" Eren said as he saluted.
Benny turned to the others and commanded, "LKHFF, roll out!"
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 9
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar Teams along with the ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process

Find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween special The Halloween Door
hey everyone just a head's up my mum and dad are talking me to Howletts wild animal park near canterbury in kent england for my birthday so i won't be on tomorrow for most of the day
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