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Meanwhile in the Times Square district, the group was confused of what happened.
"Wha…Why did they left so soon?" Winston asked.
"Maybe they decided Earth was not the place for them and left,” Nala replied.
"Not so sure,” said Ray. “Ever heard of the saying ‘Calm before the storm’?”

Rae noticed that Egon was detecting something on his PKE meter "You got something Egon?" she asked.
"That way,” he responded as he pointed the device. “There's a massive PKE spike near central park."

The Ghostbusters got into Ecto-1 while the others packed into Alex’s hummer. They arrived at the park shortly, and then got out and looked around on foot. The scenery seemed relatively normal.

"Uh, are you sure that thing is not a dud?" asked King Julian.
Egon was about to respond until a shockwave appeared unexpectedly and knocked the group off of their feet. A flock of as the birds flew off in a panic.
"What's going on, an earthquake?" Timon asked in fear.

"I don't think so,” Benny replied. “We’re too far from the nearest plate."
Just then, an earsplitting roar shook the sky. The group looked up in horror as a dimensional rift opened and a giant head appeared. It looked down at them with fiery-red eyes. It exposed more of itself, from its long,teeth, Steam coming from it to its muscular physique.
"What...the heck is that?" Alex said in shock.

Leonette held on to him and shouted, "It's a giant!"
"But that's impossible! Giants are fictional beings!" Egon said equally shocked.
"Does that look fictional to you, Egon?" Gloria said as the giant placed its two hands onto the bottom edge of the rift and roared.

The Mayor of New York saw the terrifying event from his office. "Call the national guard tell them what's happening!" He said to his assistant.
Back at the park, the Giant roared again and started to kick at the dimensional lines between its world and Earth.

"Run!” Lion shouted. “That thing is gonna breach a hole to Earth!"
The group ran for cover as the giant roared again and smashed a hole between worlds. Chucks of rubble and debris went flying, smashing a few empty cars in the process. With one final roar, the giant disappeared into a cloud of black steam.

"Is everyone alright?" Zuba asked as everyone got to their feet. "What was that?"
"I don't know, dad. That thing was bigger than the firehouse," said Alex as he wiped the dust from his fur.

"Uh guys," Peter said as he pointed to the hole the giant made. Through the light several beings appeared as the sound they made sounded like laughing.
"Oh boy!" Look at those faces" Bruma said.

And like demons escaping from the underworld as an army of giant humanoid beings appeared. Their unusual faces, not entirely human-like, made the team feel uneasy. Just then, the National Guard arrived on the scene in tanks as the general looked upon the giants through his binoculars.

"Okay boys, hit these things with everything you got" he ordered as the giants advanced further from central park and into the city. "FIRE!" The tanks fired at the giants. One by one, they fell to the ground after taking multiple hits, but to the horror of everyone, they regenerated their lost limbs and were walking upright again.

"But how is...How it that possible?" Winston asked in shock.
The group watched in horror as the giants ripped open the tanks like sardine cans and devoured the general and the soldiers before their eyes.

Meanwhile, L.S was running on foot to the studios as fast as his legs would carry him.
"Okay…not too far. I hope mom and dad are alright,” he said to himself. “If they are in trouble they may need!" L.S. looked up and saw the giant beings coming through the portal and advancing over the city. "GIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS!"

The city was thrown into chaos as the giants rampaged through the city. They were eating any unfortunate soul that came across their path.
"Tye, Palladon, active the studio's defense systems!" Benny said into his cell phone.
The Fantasy adventure team led a large group of people to the studios. The Jungle and Madagascar teams provided cover fire from the giants. L.S soon arrived at the studio property when he saw a woman fall to the ground. Fearing she might get trampled, he ran over to her and helped the woman to her feet.

"Please save my baby!" she cried as the lion cub saw the woman's baby lying in a carriage that was rolling away toward the giants.
Without a second thought to his own safety, L.S. ran toward the carriage as fast as he could. He made a grab for the baby at the last split second just before a giant foot came down a crushed the carriage. L.S. then brought the baby back to the mother.

"Thank you young man" she said as she took her baby from him.
"You welcome ma’am,” he replied. “Now head for the LKHFF Studio lobby. You will be safe there!" Just then, L.S heard something behind him. He looked up in shock to see five giants tearing off the roof of a small church. Terrified, L.S made a run for it but his coat got stuck. He took off his jacket and made a run for it through the main gate. The jacket was washed with blood from the giants’ victims. As soon as he was safely inside the lot, he held his paws to his face and started to pray, "Mom...Dad...Please be okay.....”
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 4
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar teams along with the Ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process.

find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween Special The Halloween Door
Later on that afternoon, the Jungle, Madagascar and Fantasy adventure teams were helping out with a presentation at the junior high school. During a small preshow by Leo, Benny Johnny and Rae using magic to transform their friends into their costumes and after their performance it was the Ghostbusters turn explaining the origins of Halloween and adding a song to it as well.

When the sun goes down and the night grows cold
And the wind is whistling through the trees
It's a celebration

Running through the nation
Dancing and rocking on Halloween
Can you feel the magic movin'?

See the moon shining bright
There's thunder in the streets
Wonder in the shadows
We gonna be rockin' all the night

Touching old magic
Touching old magic
Touching old magic

We call it Halloween

Take the stars
In your hand

Don't be afraid of the night

Tell the old familiar stories
Mystery burning bright

Let the magic shine inside you
Let the darkness have no hold

Let the innocence survive
Let the wonder serve to make you bold

Touching old magic
Touching old magic
Touching old magic
We call it Halloween

What do we call it?
I believe we're calling it Halloween this year, Ray

Meanwhile in a manor across town, Dr. Crowley was look outside his window.
"I hate Halloween,” he said outloud. “Even now, it's starting. Even now, kids are putting on their masks to go trick or treating."

At the same time, L.S. got off the bus as it stopped outside a costume shop.
"Thanks sir," he said to the bus driver, who tipped his hat to say, “you’re welcome,” as he drove off.

Back at Crowley's, the doctor in question pulled a switch.
"Well not this time, for tonight everything changes!" By his fireplace, the mat and chairs disappear to reveal a machine of sorts. "It's ready, Fairweather… my Anti-Halloween Machine!"

Back at the costume shop, L.S using his allowance money he had been saving up to purchase an Optimus Prime costume.
"There you go kiddo," The shop owner said as he handed L.S. the costume.
"Thank you sir and happy Halloween," L.S. said to the shop owner who waved him good bye.
At Crowley’s mansion, the mad doctor looked at his assistant for confirmation that the machine was ready.

"Everything is ready Dr. Crowley ! All systems go," Fairweather called as he altered the stolen PKE Meter with a screwdriver.

"Take this Halloween!" Crowley said as he pulled the lever that activated the machine. Within a few moments, a beam of ray light rays vaporized anything related to Halloween: Decorations, Candy, Jakc-o Lanterns, even stories about the holiday.

The group of heroes felt the tremors as the rays passed through the firehouse.
"What's happening?” Janine said holding onto the railing.
"Egon the lady asked a question!" Peter shouted.
"What's happening is trouble,” Egon replied. "Major, Major Trouble!"
"Oh i feel so much better now," Peter said sarcastically.
Back at Crowley's manor he pulled back to switch and the doctor listened as he opened the window.
"We done it Fairweather!” Crowley shouted happily while jumping for joy. “Not a Halloween sound! Quiet as test tube, eh Fairweather....Fairweather?" The doctor turned around and looked up "What the?!" The roof was completely torn off and sky turned red as blood. A giant five-headed and four-armed monster, called in myth and legend as the Boogaloo, appeared along with an army of ghosts. "What is it?" What's happening?! WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Crowley said in shock as before his eyes Fairweather transformed into a demon
"Just what we were hoping for," Fairweather said in a mocking voice, “You have opened up the Halloween Door. We couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Meanwhile most of the LKHFF team where helping the Ghostbusters deal with the outbreak problem. After bagging another ghost, Xiro, worried for L.S, reached for his phone and dialed his son’s number.
"L.S can you hear me?" Xiro asked over L.S's phone.

"Yeah dad,” L.S. responded worriedly over his phone. “I read you loud and clear. What's happening? First everything related to Halloween disappears, and then all of these ghosts show up!"
"Listen son head back for the house and wait there! Your mother and I will be home soon, okay?"
"Okay dad." L.S said, and then turned off his phone. When the bus pulled up to the stop, Stay-Puffed the Giant Marshmallow Man was blocking the road. Terrified, L.S. ran for home on foot.

Meanwhile the Boogaloo was joined by Archimonde, a giant blue creature with green eyes and hooves and wore greenish gold armour. Unbeknownst to the five-haded giant, Achimonde was thinking heavily about his own intensions.

"Isn't it glorious, Archimonde?” Boogaloo gloated. “Now the Halloween deal has been broken, all we have to do is wait for midnight and we are here to stay!"
"Ah yes…but there's been a change in plan," Archimonde responded. He began casting a spell, sending the Boogaloo and his army back to the ghost world. "You really think i would share the conquest of the world with a fool like you!" This world now belongs to the Burning Legion!"

"YOU DOUBLE-CROSSER!!" Boogaloo shouted as he was dragged back to the ghost world.
Archimonde smiled evilly as a green portal opened up behind him.
"Now the conquest of the world will truly begin!" he devilishly chuckled as four red eyes shone at him.
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 3
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar teams along with the Ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process.

find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween Special The Halloween Door
Soon after Leo got back, L.S was getting ready to go and get his costume.
"Now have you got your cell phone on, right?" Kairel asked
"Right, mom," replied L.S.

"And you have you bus pass on you too, right?"
“Yes, mom," L.S said as he opened the door. Two gentlemen were waiting outside. The taller of the two, Dr. Crowley, had a stern look upon his abnormally shaped head.

"Hello young man,” asked Dr. Crowley. “Are by chance the owners of this building in?"
"Yes, they are, sir," L.S said with a concerned look as the two men entered the firehouse.
Everyone from the studio, the Madagascar Crew, the Jungle Crew and the Fantasy Crew gathered around with the Ghostbusters. They were flabbergasted when Dr. Crowley and his short, chubby assistant, Fairweather, explained their request.

"YOU WANT US TO DO WHAT?!?" everyone shouted simultaneously.
"It's quite simple,” said Crowley. “I need your help in getting rid of Halloween once and for all."

Everyone else fell silent with the jaws hanging wide open. Then, Louis Armstrong, a portly alligator and member of the Jungle Team, laughed so hard that he fell on this his back.
"Yeah, we kind of heard what you said. If you can excuse me, I'm going to lie down for a bit," Peter Venkman said as he left. Janine stopped him prematurely.

"Surely you don't like monsters and ghosts and such?" asked Fairweather.
"No! Absolutely not! We don't like ghosts at all," said Ray Stanz.
"They’re absolutely repulsive!" added Panthy, a beautiful Black Panther. Slimer, feeling insulted, tapped her on the shoulder.

"Well not all of them." Panthy said reassuring Slimer.
"But sir, that has nothing to with Halloween,” added Simba, head leader of the Jungle Team. “It’s a fun holiday, and if everyone plays by the rules everyone can enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with it.”

"Nothing wrong with kids dressing up as ghosts, monsters and demons?" Crowely asked in a tone of a raving lunatic. "Letting their imaginations run rampant? Nothing wrong with that i ask you!?"

Everyone shook their head
"Nope,” said Winston Zeddmore.
"So who asked you?"

“Humph! How very rude!” Stefano the sea lion huffed.

"I tell you Halloween is a menace and must be stopped! That's why i came to you for help.
"International wally-brain of the year here," Leo said to Benny, who nodded silently.
"A couple of nuts from the nuthouse," Dagnino added.

"I am the Chairman of Citizens united against Halloween and other stuff we don’t like," Crowley explained.

"Or CUAHAOSWDL, and I thought Mr. Mxyzptlk was an odd word," said Bruma
“Well said, honey,” Lion chuckled.

"Well not to pry, I mean I’m just an accountant, but what's all the other stuff you are against anyway?" Louis, the Ghostbusters accountant, asked.

"All comics, most television, toys and mostly Halloween," Crowley explained as Leo and benny shared a confused look. “It’s not good for anyone at all! It serves no purpose!"

"Wrong!" Benny exclaimed. He picked up a book and opened it to a chapter will an illustration of a demon with the head of a large Jack-o-Lantern. "Halloween is a lot more than that.

For example, it dates back to Ireland over 2000 years ago with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People would light bonfires and dawn costumes in celebration of the end of the old year. Some would even hand out bowls of fruits as offers to the demons in exchange for their lives being spared. To ensure the world remained safe from demons, the Celtics made a bargain with Samhain: He and his demons would leave for the netherworld if the humans performed the Halloween ritual once a year in remembrance to them."

“Really? I never knew that!" Teresa exclaimed.
"We are also against Legends as well,” said Crowley as he forced the book closed and took it from Benny’s paws. “They’re not healthy.”

"You know, Mr. Crowley, having one too many sweets is not good for you ether?" Leo said.
That immediately got Slimer's attention drawn away as Fairweather was eyeing Peter’s desk.
"Yeah, and it's not also a good idea to hide them as well" Kairel said.
"Where? Where?" Slimer shouted excitedly as he flew around the office.
“It's in his socks, Slimer,” Winston replied.

Slimer chased Crowley and Fairweather as they ran out of the building.
"And for the record, block-head, take that as a ‘no’!" Dagnino called out after them.
"Halloween! What did it ever do for us?" Crowley grumbled as he strolled down the street. Along the way, he smashed a jack-o-lantern to pieces and threw them to the ground. "Well I'll show them!"

"Yes Dr Crowley" Fairweather concurred. "The machine’s ready, except for one part we needed from them"

"Oh! The PKE meter!” Crowley said as he realized that he goofed. “We needed it to focus the machine, didn't we?"

“Not to worry, sir,” Fairweather said as pulled out a PKE Meter from his jacket. “I nabbed this while you were busy arguing with the freak shows.”
"You stole this didn't you?"
“Yes, sir.”

Stealing isn't good, but we need it." Crowley said unaware that his actions could have undesired consequences. “So much for that moral dilemma.”
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 2
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar teams along with the Ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process.

find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween Special The Halloween Door
"100 years ago, in a world much like ours, giant beings called Titans suddenly appeared. They devoured most of humanity and sent civilization into chaos. The survivors of this carnage built three massive walls to prevent another Titan invasion and maintained a peaceful life inside. Even though the walls have stood for 100 years it's unknown where and when the Titans would attack next."

Present day New York City. It was the afternoon on Halloween and there was magic running through the air. Children were getting dressed as ghosts, monsters, demons and other creatures of the night. The cast and crew of the LionKingHeart Fantasy Films studios were also getting ready. At a small family home just a few blocks down from the studios lived Xiro, a young handsome dark-haired lion full of vitality, along with his wife Kairel and his son L.S., short for Little Simba.

"So what are you doing for Halloween tonight, dad?" L.S. asked his dad, who was putting on a red cape over a black shirt and fastened grey vest.

"Well I was thinking that before we go trick-or-treating, I would take you to see where we do some part time work," Xiro responded.
"The Ghostbusters HQ?!?"
"The very same. Just be careful around Slimer. He can be a bit messy.” Xiro brushed his mane. “What about you kiddo?"

"Well I still need to find a costume for me since you and mom have yours picked out."
Kairel entered the room dressed in a blue gown just like Princess Aurora’s from Disney's “Sleeping Beauty.”
"Mom?!" L.S said amazed.

"What do you think?" Kairel asked as she gave a little spin.
"You look amazing dear," Xiro said.
Later on, the three lions were making their way up to the Firehouse, which was the Ghostbuster's HQ. Just as Xiro was about to open the door, a woman wearing a red dress stormed out with a look of disgust on her face as a man wearing a tux opened the door and shouted. "LYNNE, I LOVE YOU!...wha?"

"Uh, Peter, you do realize that I'm married, right?" Xiro asked, confused of what happened.
"Wha…no! Xiro, i… uh, nevermind. Come in,” the man known as Peter Venkman, one of the founders of the Ghostbusters, responded as he allowed the family of anthro lions in.

Xiro showed his son around the firehouse and introduced him to the other Ghostbusters. L.S was amazed by the equipment that they used in their line of work, and he especially liked Slimer, the company's green ecto-plasmic mascot. Peter was still annoyed with Slimer after he blew his chance of a date to bits.

Meanwhile across the city, Leo Lionheart was purchasing some Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters as well as getting a magazine for Janine. The magazine suddenly blew out of his paw and flew off to central park. Luckily, it landed on the trunk of a tree. When Leo managed to grab it, he felt the tree seemed oddly hollow.

"What the?" the lion said as he investigated it. He found a small latch hidden and opened it it to reveal a secret compartment containing a large white box. Leo took it out and opened it. Inside was a book with a dark blue cover. Leo looked for the name of the author, but it was torn out. After placing the magazine into the shopping bag, he opened the book to see what was written inside.

"It's hard to believe it's nearly been 5 years since I began studying the strange secrets and legends of my world and of the multiverse," Leo said as he continued to study the book. To his surprise, the pages contained findings and pictures of places he and the others knew about.

"What the heck is all this?" Leo said confused until he come on to the final entry and started reading out loud, "Unfortunately, my greatest fear had been confirmed when a member of the council came to me and warned me someone is after my work. I must hide this book before they find it. To anyone who finds this book, please help my son, Eren."
Leo finished reading and closed the book.

As he headed back toward the firehouse, he kept asking himself, "Who on Earth is Eren?"
The Halloween Door (Revised) Part 1
When a doctor obsessed with getting rid of Halloween unknowingly breaks a 2000 year old deal he also brings forth an enemy even terrifying than ever imagine will the Fantasy, Jungle, Madagascar teams along with the Ghostbusters save the world or will they fall in the process.

find out in this revision of the LKHFF Halloween Special The Halloween Door
87 deviations
hey everyone just a head's up my mum and dad are talking me to Howletts wild animal park near canterbury in kent england for my birthday so i won't be on tomorrow for most of the day
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