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The Survey corps to the Rescue!!

Meanwhile at the rondevu point a man was waiting outside one of the buildings his appearance was that of  his blond hair kept neatly parted on the left side.
he had a calm, collected expression on his face, his icy blue eyes being one of his most striking features. His eyebrows are also quite noticeable, being very thick and bushy.
He was dressed in the standard military uniform, donning the Survey Corps' signature green cape when on missions. He also wears a small, emerald bolo tie around his neck
he was know as Commander Erwin Smith the Leader of the Survey Corps just then he was approached by a tall and well-built man. The bangs of his blond hair were parted down the middle,
and he had a dark moustache and beard. Similar to his commander, he almost always seen wearing a serious, calm expression.
He was typically seen dressed in the standard Survey Corps uniform but also wore the Survey Corps' signature green cape during expeditions he was Mike Zacharius.

"Sir I've just got a message from Commander Optimus the new recruits are on their way but a pack of titans are pursuing them" he said "were are they coming from?" Erwin asked
"from one of the old railway lines leading to Wall Maria" Mike replied as Erwin nodded as he went inside the building and explained the current message to the rest of the scouts including a strange hooded figure who nodded
as the scouts went to help their comrades.

Meanwhile Thomas was puffing his hardest to keep ahead from the titans but even though they were slowed their huge strides meant they covered more ground even with the his driver and fireman pouring on more coal to the firebox
increase his speed. "it's no good those titans are gaining on us!!" the fireman said then Thomas' Driver had an idea grabbing a walkie talkie contacted Captain Bogo "Captain I've got a plan beyond this tunnel coming up is a line leading
back to Wall rose but the road beside it leads the Omotemachi industrial estate so get ready to jump when I say" said the fireman as the autobots got into a single line behind the train from one of the windows Benny, Leo, Johnny, and the
girls saw the tunnel coming up and the held their breath.

Soon Thomas zoomed through the tunnel as they came out the other side the doors of the coaches flew open as Thomas' driver puts on the brakes. "Now Jump!" called the driver as the soldiers jumped from the train and landed on the road
Benny called to the driver and fireman thank you and wished them luck on the way back to Wall Rose but Optimus saw they were not out of danger yet for Hound saw the titans went over the tunnel.
"Hurry everyone!" cried Optimus as the soldiers got to their feet and made a run for it as fast as their legs would carry them but as fast as they ran the titans took strides as they caught up with them.

"We're almost there come on rookies!" Yelled Bogo as they continued to run as fast as they could "I can see Omotemachi up ahead" Cliffjumper said but as the soldiers were running for the cover of the buildings
 a massive 15-meter Titan blocked the path for Benny, Leo, Johnny, Rae and a few of the soldiers "GUYS!" Daphne & Sunlight screamed as the titan glared down at it's victims soon to be dinner as the group looked
up in fear Leo suddenly had a flashback during training.

"Right as you may remember the titans are not invincible even if you destroy the limbs or the head they will regenerate quite quickly but..." Wheeljack went on to show the recruits a model of a titan then turned it's body to show the nape of the neck
"if this part of a titan's body the nape of the neck was damaged it will die without regenerating but it's difficult to attack this area with the weapons we have." Wheeljack finished as Ratchet came forward "currently we do have this the omni-directional mobility gear or ODM-Gear for short."
Ratchet explained as back in real life the Survey Corps came to the rescue as they flew into battle as Ratchet's voice is heard "With this equipped to one's hips they can move quickly through the air fire the anchor and reel in to lift yourself up." Maintain the height as you aim for the nape of your target
but always remember to evade your enemy's attacks. "Ratchet finished as Wheeljack took over.

"Using one of the six blades in you holders strike the nape with sheer force" he said as one of the scouts slashed a titan on the nape of the neck without this vital part the titan will collapse and die" he continued as
Leo, Benny, Johnny, Rae and the other soldiers ran to avoid being crushed by a collapsing titan "the strange thing about a titan is once it dies the body will evaporate for now this is the current method of killing a titan" back in the present the group stood wide-mouthed of who took down the 15 meter titan.

"It's him!" The strongest warrior of humanity Captain Levi!" a soldier named Indigo Zap said for the man standing before them had short, straight black hair styled in an undercut, as well as narrow, intimidating grey/blue eyes with dark circles under them and a deceptively youthful face. He is quite short, but his physique is well-developed
his Survey Corps uniform, with a white button up shirt underneath along with his trademark white cravat. he also wore the Survey Corps' green hooded cloak for this was Captain Levi Ackerman as he observed  his one of his blades it was covered in titan blood. "Ugh disgusting" he said as with one swish he got most of the blood off it as the soldiers watched the scouts in action

"Reigns, Ambrose!" "Two titans are heading you way!" a scout named John Cena called and two others named Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose got the call and flew in and judging their moments slashed the napes of the titans while John and another scout named sin cara took care of two more titans
but suddenly without warning three 15 meter titans advanced on the group "We're finished!" Spike cried out as the titans lumbered two them just them three of the scout flew over them one of them was the hooded figure.

"Kane, Undertaker take the two on the left I've got the third!" it called as the flew into action and in one swift strike the figure slashed the nape of the titan as it roared and fell to the ground as Kane and the Undertaker finished off the other two the hooded figure
approached Leo as he looked nervous "Leo is it you?" The figure asked "who are you?" Leo asked as the figure took off it's to reveal none other than..."It's me Aurora!" Leo could not believe it the worgen he loved who many people thought she was dead was alive and well Aurora with tears in her eyes hugged her lover "Leo I thought that you were dead when the rescue mission returned with your jacket I thought for the worse" Aurora explained as was stunned to hear that

"I trust that you know this solider miss rose" Captain Levi asked as Aurora cleared her throat. "Yes sir this one is Leo Lionheart...My boyfriend from 5 years ago" Aurora explained to the captain as he eyed Leo as Comamder Optimus steppped forward "well we had made to the rondevu point we will treat anyone for wounds and load the explosives" the autobot said
as the soldiers headed for some cover before any more titans showed up.
Attack on Titan (LKHFF Style) Part 8
Phew looks like fate dealt a winning hand for our heroes for the time being
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Unkown to Optimus and the others Twilight, Spike, Sunset and the mane 5 went into an old building because Fluttershy thought she had heard a child crying even though
they thought Fluttershy was hearing things they went in anyway. "Where the heck are we y'all?" Applejack said "looks like an old prison" Rainbow dash said as she shone her light on a
few rooms of what the looked like old cells as Sunset was looking among then she saw a cell with faded writing on it as she studied the words they looked like equations and numbers
but they looked to old to be read clearly.

"Uh?" What's this?" Sunset said as she picked up a strange rectangular object "a VHS tape?" Sunset puzzled but hearing Twilight she placed the tape into her bag and rejoined the others
"did you find anything Sunset?" Twilight asked "I'll Explain later but now i think we should..." Sunset said but she was interrupted by a huge glob of slime which landed on her shoulder "eww!"
Spike said disgusted as the group looked up they realised their mistake at once for above them on the next floor was a titan that looked like a human infant!

Rarity gasped in fear as the titan noticed them and reached for them but it fell and hit the ground as it got on it'd hands and legs Rarity let out a scream as the Infant Titan started crying
"Let's get out of here!" Pinkie Pie screamed as the group made a run for it meanwhile outside the soliders heard the noise "What the heck was that" Benny said as they heard more sounds realising that the titans were waking up.

"Where are they coming from?!" a solider named Nick Wilde said starting to panic "everyone calm down" You'll alert the titans!" A woman by the name of Commander Cinch who was also chosen by Optimus for the expedition tried to calm
the soldiers "No matter what you must..." but she was interrupted when a trunk reached from behind. "Must..Not..Rise..Your...VOICES!" she screamed as she was dragged behind a wall "Commander Cinch!" Leo cried as to the Soldiers shocked
saw a titan that looked like a mammoth had Cinch's body in it's mouth with her legs dangling out!!! "Commander Optimus we got company!" a solider named Judy Hopps called out as they heard a scream and saw the mane 7 being pursued by a 4 meter titan as
they were turning a bend the titan slipped and got crushed under the feet of a 15 meter as Hound and Cliffjumper got back.

"Optimus there's a huge pack of titans heading our way orders sir!" Hound called as Optimus knew the OMDG would be useless on flat terrain "Everyone get to the train and roll out!" Optimus ordered as the soldiers scrambled on board Annie and Clarabel as Optimus
transformed into his vehicle mode and rolled out "Cinders and Ashes!" Thomas cried as he was terrified "Pump those pistons you little pipsqueak" Captain Bogo called from Annie as Thomas puffed his hardest as the Group of Titans Lumbered after them.

"One of them is right behind Thomas!" Cliffjumper Cried as he was right for it was the one that ate Cinch as it lumbered toward the little tank engine Cliffjumper Transformed into robot mode and judging his moment fired at the titan sending it to the ground as
the Autobot transformed back to vehicle mode and raced off to rejoin the group knowing he only bought the Soldiers some time.
Attack on Titan (LKHFF Style) Part 7
well in times like these here's my way of saying: "CHANGE IN PLAN LEG IT!"
Karl Pilkington (My style) by KingLeoLionheart
Karl Pilkington (My style)
here's my version of the animated version of the Ricky Gervais Show's (in ricky's pov the most idiotic man on the earth) Karl Pilkington
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