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Jun 21, 2015
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That evening at the wedding reception Shining Armor and Princess Cadence shared their first dance as husband and wife the Mane 7, The Fantasy Adventure team, Spike, Discord and Celestia watched as Princess Luna flew in after escorting the Dragons back through another a portal back to Berk using her magic.

"Hello, everypony. Did I miss anything?" Luna asked " your'e just in time guys" Leo said as he turned to Rae, Benny and Johnny as they head for the stage and got out a few instruments as Leo got a microphone out. "Attention everyone we like to dedicate this song for the bride and groom"the lion said as she hands Twilight the microphone and starts playing a guitar while Benny was on drums and Rae and Johnny were on trumpets.

Twilight: "Love is in bloom A beautiful bride, a handsome groom,
Two hearts, becoming one A bond, that cannot be undone,
because Love is in bloom."
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom I said, love is in bloom
Starting a life and making room For us"

With his camera Xiro captured highlights from the wedding are shown during the song.  They include Pinkie Pie eating wedding cake, Applejack playing the fiddle, Sweetie Belle and Spike dancing together, Rainbow Dash meeting Soarin, Benny and Leo playing Rock paper, scissors for who has the honor of dancing with Princess Celestia, Benny dancing with Celestia and Leo danced with Luna but Leo didn't mind, Rae showing the CMC some of her magic, Johnny trying some of the finger food, Dag and Xiro enjoying a few drinks as the girls giggle and Fancy Pants offering a rose to Rarity.

With the reception over, Shining Armour and Princess Cadence both step into a royal carriage, however Shining Armour stops to speak with Twilight "None of this would've been possible without you, little brother. Love you, Twily" Shining armour said as the two shared a hug Love ya too BBBFF" Twilight said as her brother got into the royal carriage.

"Ready to go, sweetheart?" Shining Armour asked as Cadence remembered something as she threw the bouquet out of the carriage window as Rae and a few other ponies got ready to catch it Rarity pushed them out of the way and caught it much to the annoyance of Rae and The rest of the main 7 and fantasy adventure team laugh fireworks go off in the night sky.

The next morning The Fantasy Adventure Team were getting ready to go home as Celestia and Luna opened a gateway back to new York as Discord placed the same mirror from the lab into place. "Sure wish you could stay longer" Applejack said "True but our friends will be worried back on earth and with the mirror we can come back anytime for a visit" Benny said as the El Arca Six went through but before the four friends went through Celestia wanted to say something.

"Leo Lionheart, Benny the Beast, Rachel the Lioness and Johnathon the lion from our world we thank you" the Alicorn said as the four friends smiled knew they had gained new friends as they went through to home.
Fantasy Films Adventures Hearts and Hooves (10)
The tenth and final chapter in the newest episode of the new adventure series starring me and my friends.  This time our adventure takes us to the amazing land of Equestria and meet with new friends and prepare for a big event but a conspiracy and an ancient legend may ruin the big day
Meanwhile outside the Fantasy adventure Team, The mane 7, Spike, Celestia, Luna and Discord were helping the citizens of Canterlot to the emergency shelters while fighting off some of the dragons and Changlings all around them most buildings were reduced to rubble and roofs were on fire they could hears the roar of the Thunderdrum, feel the heat from a blast of a Gronckle or Hideous Zippleback and the icy breath of a Groncicle.

"This that all of them?" Leo called to Benny "I think so" Benny called back "okay close the gate!" Benny called to the guards just then the group heard a rumbling coming from a few miles from the gate and like some monster rising up from the deep The Screaming Death burst through the ground then without warning the giant dragon came charging at them.

"What the Heck!" Johnny said looking scared as the screaming death was slowly going faster. "Oh No!" Johnny said realizing what it was doing. "FIRE"

The Fantasy Team, The Alicorns and the Main 7 fired from their weapons but to their shock the blasts didn't do anything at the Screaming Death continued charging picking up speed. "We gotta get the heck out of here!"

"RETREAT!" "RETREAT!" "SHUT THE GATE NOW!" "WE'RE BEING CHARGED!" "GO,GO,GO!" Benny yelled as the guards were lowering the gate as the Screaming death was charging full speed at the wall then with an almighty bang the giant dragon smashed it's way through sending rubble, guards, Changlings, the mane 7, the alicorns, Spike, Discord and the fantasy adventure team flying and sending them to the ground knocking them out.

When Leo, Benny, Johnny, Rae and the others came to they found themselves in the hall again with Queen Chrysalis in front of them and Celestia and luna encased in a cocoon Cadence had her feet glued to the floor and Shining Armour was still under her Spell.

"Celestia!" "Luna!" Rae called as the boys glared angrily at the changling queen Chrysalis let them go!" Benny demanded "It's funny, really" The queen said as she ruffles Twilight's mane "Twilight Sparkle here was suspicious of my behavior all along too bad the rest of you were too caught up in your wedding planning to realize those suspicions were correct" the Queen pointed out. "Sorry, Twi. We should've listened to you" Applejack apologized. "It's not your fault. She fooled everypony" Twilight said

"Well will stop you after coming this far there's no way we would let you win" Leo said
"Ah What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment boy" Queen Chrysalis said mocking Leo just then without warning the Skrill burst into the hall and roared with anger charging at the queen of the changlings and sending to both of them tumbling to the alter of which knocks Princess Cadence free and a bump to the head frees Shining Armour of Chrysalis' spell.

"Wha– where... huh? the wedding over?" Shining Armour asked "We'll explain everything later right now move!" Rae Cried as Queen and the Skrill clashed "and why is that thing doing out of it's holding cell" Shining Armour asked "this maybe our only change to stop Queen Chrysalis Princess Cadence explained to us everything the reason why the Skrill has been attacking Canterlot was because it was going for the queen" Leo explained.

"That thing thinks princess Cadence is it's mother?! Shining Armour said "Yeah" Benny answer as Lighting bolts and Chrysalis' Magic went everywhere and the Dragon and Changling exchanged blows more painful and the last untill the Skrill knocked the Queen to the floor and with a look of anger and hatred in it's eyes prepared to fire one last blast to finish her.

"Stop please!" Cried Princess Cadence of which the Skrill hears turns to see the alicorn who raised it from an egg the dragon was unsure at first but them it aproached her and the mother and son shared an embrace as Sunset grabbed hold of the Queen.

"Someone get the royal guards this deceiver belongs behind bars!" Sunset ordered as Discord dressed in a police officer's uniform went to get help after the Queen and her army were lead away Leo, Twilight, Sunset and Benny helped Luna and Celestia to their feet.

"Don't worry about us we're fine. You have a real wedding to put together Celestia said to Twilight and Sunset "and we got some repair work to do" Leo said to Benny who agreed.
We get a brief montage of the new wedding planning.  Applejack gives a few apple fritters to Cadence, which she enjoys. Rarity prepares a nice gown for Cadence.  Pinkie Pie and Cadence both dance polka at the Bachelorette party, and Fluttershy trains her birds with Cadence while outside the Fantasy Adventure Team with some help from the Dragons repaired all of the damage that was caused from the battle.

A few days later. The real wedding is about to begin.  Princess Celestia and Luna were standing at the altar, with the Mane 7 and the Fantasy Adventure Team as Twilight fixes the crest on Shining Armour's suit

With everything ready, Fluttershy directs her birds to start singing the wedding march.  Flower girls CMC walk down the aisle dropping flower peddles while Princess Cadence followed. Twilight's parents shed a few tears as they see their son up at the altar as Princess Celestia gives a gentle smile.

"So I get why the queen of the Changelings wanted to be with you, but why do you think someone as cool as Cadence to marry you?

"I told her that she wouldn't just be gaining a husband, she'd be getting a pretty great sister, too" Shining Armour explained as Rarity takes out a hanky and wipes the tears from her eyes.  Applejack puts on her trademark cowboy hat.  Finally, Princess Cadence reaches the altar and the Skrill rumbles happily.

Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of the real Princess Mi Amore Cadenza..." Celestia started but was stopped by Cadence  "Cadence is fine"

Very well. The union of Princess Cadence and Shining Armour. The strength of their commitment is clear. The power of their love, undeniable. May we have the rings please? Johnny and Spike with great Honor gave the Rings to Celestia who placed them on Shining Armor's and Cadence's Horns "gave I now pronounce you stallion and filly" Celestia said with pride as The newly weds both walk out to the royal balcony and a greeted with thunderous applause.  Back inside, Princess Celestia was congratulating Twilight Sparkle and her friends

"This is your victory as much as theirs. You persisted in the face of doubt, and your actions led to your being able to bring the real Princess Cadence back to us. Celestia said as Leo looked sad

"But at what cost many ponies got caught up in the crossfire between the Changlings and the dragons all because of this sword we found in the caves" he said referring to his new sword "if i don't know how to control it like with my sword of Lionheart who know what could happen"

"Leo we understand what happened was not your fault fate knew this would happen and many live would have been lost if you and you friends had not arrived to Equestria" Luna said brightening Leo up

Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn Celestia said as Shining Armour and Cadence Kissed outside as the skrill blushed and hid it's face underneath it's wing. "Rainbow Dash, that's your cue…" Celestia remained Rainbow as she jumps out of her Bridesmaid gown and performs a sonic rainboom

"Best. Wedding. EVER!" She called
Fantasy Films Adventures Hearts and Hooves (9)
The ninth chapter in the newest episode of the new adventure series starring me and my friends.  This time our adventure takes us to the amazing land of Equestria and meet with new friends and prepare for a big event but a conspiracy and an ancient legend may ruin the big day
Meanwhille back at Canterlot the wedding was underway for the wrong princess as the Evil Cadenza and Shining Armour who was in a trance were at the alter.

"Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armour" Princess Celestia began as the El Arca Six and Discord looked on. "Where the heck are Leo and the others?" Xiro said looking worried "i'm sure they must of found the source by now"

"Yeah but take a look at Shining Armour" Dagnino said pointing out the trance like look on the stallion "well i sure hope Daddy and the others are okay" Teresa said "by the way any of you seen Twilight?"

."Princess Cadenza and Shining Armour, it is my great pleasure to pronounce you..." Said Celestia when suddenly the doors burst open and Twilight, Sunset, Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae entered the hall.

"Stop the wedding!" Twilight shouted as the Evil Cadenza looked annoyed  Ugh! Why does he have to be so protective of her brother?" she said as she turned to Shining Armour. "Why does she have to ruin our special day?"

"Because it's not you day impostor it's hers!" Benny said as the real Cadence stepped forward "What? But how did you escape my Bridesmaids?" The Evil Cadenza said as Johnny explained he used a bouquet of flowers to distract the Bridesmaids "oldest trick in the book" he said "Hmph. Clever. But your still too late" the Evil Cadenza said as Twilight's Friends and the El Arca Six looked confused.

"I-I don't understand. How can there be two of 'em and where did Leo get that other sword from?" Applejack said " She's a changeling. He takes the form of somepony you love and gains power by feeding off your love for them" Princess Cadence explained as the El Arca Six joined their friends and powered up as the Evil Cadenza transformed into Queen Chrysalis the ruler of the changlings.

"Right you are, Princess. And as queen of the changelings, it is up to me to find food for my subjects. Equestria has more love than any place I've ever encountered. My fellow changelings will be able to devour so much of it that we will gain more power than we have ever dreamed of!" Chrysalis said.

"They'll never get the chance anyway! Shining Armor's protection spell will keep them from ever even reaching us!" Rae pointed "Oh, I doubt that. Isn't that right, dear?" Chrysalis said to Shining Armour as he nodded his head still under her spell.

"You Sick Witch!" Leo said as he headed towards her. "Ah, ah, ah. Don't want her to go back to the caves, now do you?" The queen said as Leo backed off for Cadence's sake "Ever since I took her place, I've been feeding off Shining Armor's love for her. Every moment he grows weaker and so does his spell. Even now, my minions are chipping away at it." Chrysalis explained as above them the rest of her kind were chipping away at the shield.

"Soon, my changeling army will break through. First, we take Canterlot. And then, all of Equestria!"

No. You won't. You may have made it impossible for Shining Armor to perform his spell, but now that you have so foolishly revealed your true self, I can protect my subjects from you! Said princess Celestia angered at being deceived proceeded to do battle with the queen but unknown to everyone the blade on Leo's new sword grew red hot.

"Uh Leo" Discord said. "What is it Discord now's not the time for-" but Leo was knocked to his feet as the sword fired a red fireball which separated Chrysalis from Celestia and shot right outside the shield as four lightning bolts struck and a rumbling shook the hall knocking everyone to their feet and knocking the queen of the changlings out.

"What was that?" Kairel said as the group got the their feet as Leo saw Sunset Looking out through one of the windows "Sunset what's going on was their an explosion or..." Leo asked as he noticed the look of terror on Sunset's face and they saw what it was sticking through the shiled above one of the walls was a set of giant claws!!!

"No that's impossible the shield's over fifty meters high!" Twilight said in shock "oh god" Sunset said in fear as a giant dragon reared it's head above the wall "it's a Titan class dragon!" Sunset cried as this Giant dragon called a Green Death was joined by three more Giants a Bewilderbeast, A Foreverwing and a Screaming Death together three of the Dragons fired red hot flames at the shield as the Changlings dodged it as the Bewilderbeat used it's icy breath to destroy the shield crowds screamed and scattered as massive chucks of ice came crashing to the ground like bombs.

"Everyone move!" Benny cried as a massive ice chunk came crashing into the hall even above the skies of Canterlot an army of Dragons and Changlings clashed.

"They...they destroyed the shield as like popping a balloon" Sunset said in shock of what just happened as above one of the houses a Boneknapper dragon grabbed three changlings, shook them like ragdolls and threw them to the ground.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" "THEY BREACHED THE SHIELD!" Came the cries of fear that ran through out Canterlot "we have to get down there" Leo said as the mane 7 and Spike transformed "are you kidding it's a war-zone out there i vote that we leave town!" Discord said trying to get some sense into Leo. "Discord many ponies are being caught in the crossfire we have to help" Benny said as the spirit of chaos ran after them as Luna arrived on the scene.

"Luna we have to help them" Celestia said as Luna flew off after them as Celestia made an emergency announcement. "All citizens of Canterlot head to the emergency shelters as fast as possible!"
Fantasy Films Adventures Hearts and Hooves (8)
The eighth chapter in the newest episode of the new adventure series starring me and my friends.  This time our adventure takes us to the amazing land of Equestria and meet with new friends and prepare for a big event but a conspiracy and an ancient legend may ruin the big day 
hey guys

i saw the united states championship match at wrestlemaina 31 between John Cena and Rusev a few days ago and.....

Cena won!!!!! Words cannot describe of how proud i man of John standing up for his country and winning back the us championship belt 

and Rusev you got what you deserved and in my case Pride comes before fall

Congrats John!!!!
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