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Panthy Battle Armour 2.0 by KingLeoLionheart
Panthy Battle Armour 2.0
My family was killed in the great flood to be so helpless while others die outside the ark is enough to make you lose the light inside you. the loss of my brother turned me to the dark side and after my actions i did left me frighted of who i was and alone.

Until me and Dagnino we rescued by five allies from the future who ever gave up on seeing the good in those who have sinned they saw in me the strength to resist any temptation of evil and they forged me into a weapon........Now i am ready having read the knowledge that my friends told me and that criminals run rampant in the 21st century. 

I will send them behind bars once i was hunted.......Now i am the hunter
That morning before the zoo was open to the public, Alex ran around the big cat enclosures, holding the pebble to look for Leonette, "Leonette, has anyone seen Leonette? I just gotta find her! Wait till she see this, it's perfect!"

But as the keepers were going about their duties, there was an emergency at the Rhino house as the keepers hurried to the scene .

"Hey, what's the problem?" one of the keepers called Eren Jeager asked.

"One of the Rhinos escaped from the rhino enclosure this morning," a young man by the name of Hiccup who was head of the Reptile keepers replied.

"Muldoon's not going to like this! Eren said as he contacted Staff HQ to tell them what happened.

Meanwhile at Staff HQ the head of keepers Robert Muldoon received Eren's call and turned to two interns named Peter Griffin and Glen Quagmire "I told you two! How many times, leave the electric fences on at all times! As Robert continued to give them a good talking to one of the zoo's security staff Ray Arnold shook his head as he turned to John Hammond one of the Zoo's board of directors.

"Problem 1-5-1 on today's glitch list Mr. Hammond we got most problems of a major zoo and there's a truck coming from the L.A airport for one of our animals for a transfer to London arriving today" Ray said as Hammond turned to a big man in his late thirties at a desk writing out some paperwork  he was Dennis Nedry and he was in charge of animal transfers in and out of the zoo.

"Dennis" the zoo's main event is in a few weeks and you have butter fingers!" Hammond said to Dennis who didn't seem to mind  "I'm totally unappreciated in my time "You know anybody who can fill out the paperwork to transfer an animal from here to anywhere in the world for what i bid this job because, if there are, I’d sure like to see them try."

Muldoon, who has been hovering near the video monitors and his walkie talkie as always, turns towards them, annoyed.

"Quiet, all of you we got a location on the rhino. It's heading towards the big cat enclosures. "

Meanwhile outside on the big cat enclosures, Alex kept on running to find Leonette, but unknown to him, Tai Lung is hiding behind the rock. Tai Lung  saw him and put out his foot in his path. Alex didn't know, but he got tripped over by Tai Lung . Alex slid and hit a nearby tree. Suddenly, he stared face to face at Tai Lung , who is walking towards him with an evil smirk the kind that a snake makes before it bites you.

Alex was about to get away, but Tai Lung grabbed his foot, "So nerd, I hear that you wanna be a big ladies man, huh! Well forget it because Leonette is mine!" Tai Lung said as he punched Alex; Alex slid on the ground, which was at an ledge.

"Careful you big bully!" Alex snapped, holding the pebble.

Tai Lung  growled and grabbed Alex's Mane, "Wake up and smell the meat, you little fool! No body wants to marry a loser like you! Tai Lung said as he eyed the pebble in Alex's hand but Alex saw this and held on to it. Now give me that stupid pebble!"

"No, it's for Leonette!" Alex snapped, refusing to give the pebble to that brute of a snow leopard.

Tai Lung slammed Alex at the ledge, making the rocks to fall apart as he laughed, "Hope you can fly, better then you can walk." Tai Lung  held the tail of Alex, "Bye Alex. Sleep with the fishes," and with that Tai Lung  threw him away. Alex screamed as he fell onto what seemed to be a giant rock he saw the pebble and grabbed it just in time. All the other Animals, and birds watched, hoping that Alex is still alive. Alex feeling a bit bruised got to his feet.

"Hi guys," said Alex.

"Hey look, he's okay," said Simba.

"how did he do that?," Kiara added as Alex relaxed as he got down.

"Alex," said Leonette as Tai Lung  stood next to her. "It's okay Leonette this rock broke my fall" Alex said as he placed his paw on the rock but to his horror it wasn't a rock at all it was a large, cross, Black Rhino!!!"

"Alex!" Leonette yelled, trying to warn him, but Tai Lung grabbed her, laughing. Alex screamed and dashed out, just before the Rhino charged at him. The other big cats gasped in horror that this terrifying event unfolding. Alex ran as fast as he can to get away from the rhino.

"Alex!" Leonette cried. Alex kept runnign for his life from the rhino as it kept charging at him meanwhile the keepers were racing towards the Big cat enclosures at the picnic area the Rhino charges again at Alex but Alex dodges it, but but luckily one of the Keepers shot a tranquilizer dart into the rhino's hide and it slowly felt the effects of the dart and passed out.

Unknown to the keepers, Alex climbed into a transfer box, sighing in relief, still holding the pebble. Then without warning the crate was lifted up by few keepers and loaded it into a van as it began it's journey to the L.A Airport Alex banged on the crate to be let out but it fell on deaf ears

Through the tears in his eyes he looked at his home, far away from him and can't see because the storm is coming trough.

"Alex!" Leonette cried.

"Leonette!" Alex called as he is still stuck at the crate; he can't break free and hurry back So, he's stuck there, very heartbroken that Leonette is in Tai lungs's hands and failed to give the pebble to Leonette.

"taken from his home and flown far across the world, Alex was taken far way to unknown lands, to a place that even he did not know of…London."
The Pebble and the Lion (revised) - Part 4
A new take on an old crossover retelling the Don bluth film "the Pebble and the Penguin."
look i know that there maybe or maybe not be this so called "Great copyright act" but it could be a load of rubbish that may have been made by someone as a complete joke if this was true it would be all over the news by now so until i see proof i'm not going to believe it
  • Mood: Annoyed
look i know that there maybe or maybe not be this so called "Great copyright act" but it could be a load of rubbish that may have been made by someone as a complete joke if this was true it would be all over the news by now so until i see proof i'm not going to believe it
  • Mood: Annoyed


Carl Mansfield
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