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A few weeks after the match, Leo was taking some time to recover. Despite being the winner, he had received some painful blows by Dagnino. Xiro willingly filled in for him, and the friendship bonds the animals on the Ark and the Fantasy Films crew had grown stronger and stronger with each passing day. Simultaneously, Dagnino and Teresa had been secretly been visiting each other in an effort to avoid each other’s teammates knowing.

One night after Leo was announced a clean bill of health, he, Benny, Johnny and Rae each shared a strange dream. The symbols Noah gave them fell into a glass pyramid with a strange glowing red eye. They were then startled with horror as an army of demons were attacking everyone on board the Ark. Finally, the Ark started sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

The next morning, Leo, Benny, Johnny and Rae went to Noah and told him about the dream they all had shared. Noah became deeply concerned.

"Boys man the Helm!" he said to his sons. "Naama you and the girls put away anything that can break"

"Wait a minute, Noah!” Rae exclaimed. “We tell you about a nightmare and you think that someone from your past is causing trouble on the ark?"

“Because Anubis is a madman without heart or mercy, “Noah responded, “and if he is on the ark may God help us all."

“Who’s Anubis?” asked Benny.

“Long ago, before the flood, I was attending a meeting with a few followers that still followed the word of God when a stranger entered the hall. He carried no weapon, yet he wore a strange pyramid around his neck. The stranger offered to keep mankind free from the evil of the burning hells if they choose to follow his master, Diablo.”

The four friends recalled their encounter with Diablo. They were almost tempted to reveal their familiarity with the Prime Evil, but decided to hold their tongues. They didn’t want anyone to worry about Diablo’s eventual reemergence. In any case, the book with the Amulet of United Souls wouldn't be discovered for at least 5000 years.

“They all just laugh,” Noah said as he continued speaking. “Then Anubis revealed himself and made his point by summoning two large demons from his small pyramid and reduced the hall to ashes. I was the only one to escape.”

"Is there any way we can help?" Leo asked

"There is. Go below and tell all the animals to head to their cabins until further notice."

Leo, Benny Johnny and Rae agreed and headed down to the animal hold. Soon all of the animals were safely in their cabins. Leo explained the situation to Xiro and the others. Xiro grew deeply concerned.
"Is something up, Xiro?" Rae asked.

"Yes,” the young king responded. “When i was a cub, my father King Sabu used to sit me on his knee and tell me stories. One of his stories used to really scare me half to death."

"What was that story about?" Johnny asked

"It was about a group of animals that would someday join together during a great disaster and save all of creation.”

Leo took out the symbols that Noah gave to him when they arrived.

"You don't think that those animals could be on this very Ark, could you?" he asked with a glimmer of hope.”

“It’s possible,” said Kairel, “but why would you think that?”

“The four of us sharing the same dream… Noah’s meeting with Anubis… Xiro’s story about animals uniting against a great disaster,” Benny responded. “It’s all too much to be coincidental.”

“I’m with Benny,” Johnny responded. “I think we should start looking around for this animals.”

“And let’s start with the Predators.” Xiro insisted.

Kairel and Panthy nodded in agreement. Everyone else looked concerned but agreed to follow Xiro to seek a consul Dagnino and the other Predators. Along the way, the group of seven saw a masked figure with a wooden staff in hand.

“Stand back!” Benny told the other as he and the figure faced off in combat.

Though he had his beastly strength and agility, the stranger was quick and cunning. They were practically even.

"Pretty impressive moves you have. Why don't you take off that mask to show your true face, Anubis?"

The stranger took off its mask and revealed itself to be a dark tan human-like lioness with black short hair in which her bangs cover either eye and on her chest, tan muzzle, inner ears, palms, and stomach, a faint beauty mark on her left cheek, purple eye shadow, and green eyes.

"Relax, big guy,” the Lioness spoke. “I'm not this Anubis you speak of."

"Bruma!" Xiro exclaimed. The lioness, now known as Bruma, walked towards him. “I thought that you were dead after the hippo fell on you."
Xiro looked panicked and worried that Bruma would give him an earful. Instead she placed her paw onto his face.

"It's okay Xiro.” Bruma responded. “There is no need to talk about the past anymore,” she then looked at Kairel, who was shooting her a rather nasty look, “and Kairel, I'm sorry for my behavior towards you. I had allowed my pride to get the better of me"

"Well if you can forgive Xiro, and he can forgive you, then maybe I can forgive you as well," Kariel responded.

With a new friend joining them, the group continued on their journey.

“So how did you survive, Bruma?” Xiro asked.

“After I was knocked out cold, I saw a light,” Bruma explained. “The next thing I knew, I woke up and I was somewhere on the Ark. What happened between before and after is a complete blank in my mind.”

“There’s an understatement,” Kairel retorted.

“Kairel!” Rae exclaimed in a disappointed tone.

“I deserved that,” Bruma said. “Anyway, I did feel a change in my personality for the better. So I decided to come looking for Kairel and Xiro to make amends, and that’s when I saw you with this new group of animals.”

“There are our new friends,” Xiro said as he introduced them to Bruma.

“Sorry about attacking you like that,” Benny said to a Bruma with a heavy heart. “I still have some anger issues to control with this body.”

“We both made mistakes, big guy,” Bruma said as she held his paw gently.

“I’m really proud you owned up to Kairel and Xiro, and that you’re choosing to start over with a new positive attitude.” He smiled proudly at her, and she looked up at him with a welcoming grin and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
The fifth chapter in the second  episode of the new adventure series starring me and my friends.  This time our adventure takes us back 5,000 years to the legendary Noah's Ark where we will meet new friends, solve an ancient mystery and stop a madman who plots to wipe out all of creation.
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