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hey guys exciting news, the new teaser trailer for Dumbo has landed and god seeing is believing!!!!

Xiro: (gobsmacked)

Grey: is this the part where one of us faints?

Soos: (chuckles) I am so on it dudes! (faints)
hey guys, a quick question which will also be a vote on this entry.

Do you think Big Hero 6 is a good movie or does it suck (I'm just asking of course I have nothing against the movie)

It's Good: 23

It Sucks: 0

*Free Icon/Emote* Big Hero 6 Baymax 
Hey all just to let you know i'm going on holiday to devon tomorrow and I won't be coming back till next Saturday. but thanks to a little device my mum has got i'll stay in touch with you guys so see you soon ;)
Well it's nearly one hour till midnight here in the uk and the start of a new year and for me 2017 has been quite a ride for me.

Went on holiday to wales for the first time and holiday to devon twice.

Got the orginal Mighty morphin power rangers seasons 1-3 on dvd.

hearing that Zootopia won the academy award

Went and saw the 2017 power rangers movie.

Passed my entry level 1 reading and writing exams

went to the Warner Bros studio tour: The making of Harry potter in october

got all five battle zords to form the 2017 megazord

moved into my new bedroom (upstairs of the house)

and finally got Dragon Quest 8: journey of the cursed king on 3DS for Xmas.

even though many bad things happened this year the best we can do is move on and forget them and enjoy what the future holds, so to my friends here on DA:

Happy new year!

Here's wishing all of my friends here on DA a Merry Christmas of 2017!!

Last night since they disbanded in 2014 they have reunited and ready to take on the world once more if you want to know who i mean skip to 2:07 to find out: 
Children with disabilities are NOT weird OR strange. They're beyond awesome. They want what everyone wants! Just to be accepted!!! Can I ask a question? Is there anyone willing to copy and paste to their own timeline?

*Note: Call it amazing of me, I was diagnosed with Autism when I was younger and  this year I passed my Entry Level 1 Reading and Writing Exams on top of it. 
To all my friends living in or around Florida, Please Be safe and may God Protect you Against the Fury of Hurricane Imra.
I'll be thinking of you always.
You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine  Judy Hopps - Icon Officer Clawhauser - IconGazelle Sad Emoticon.  Nick Wilde - Icon Senpai Chief Bogo - Icon Mayor Lionheart - Icon   You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine 
hey guys just to let you know I've got a few Ideas for stories that i'm going to work on after i've been on holiday next week and here is a short preview of each.


A team of scientists, the El Arca six and a new team made from some of the allstars of WWE explore an uncharted island in the north Atlantic, venturing into the domain of the mighty Guardian Orion, and must fight to save the island and the world from an ancient evil.


When the Fantasy Adventure team have been selected to join the multiverse tournament set in the city of Stormwind, they don't know what's in store. Friendships old and new will be rekindled and made, Leo discover's his past and also finds love and they must save the multiverse from an old foe.


Four new M-Kaiju appear bent on destroying the world, Four M-Kaiju appear to defend the planet and Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae with the help of a family from the 22nd Century will be enough to save the world from this new threat.

No update on when they will be realised but i'll fill you in on it later.  
Proud defenders of Azeroth today we celebrate our greatest victory against the Legion, the last pillar of creation the The Eye of Aman'thul as been safely secured and Gul'dan has been brought to justice for his crimes.

Varian...Voljin...& Tirion Fordring may your spirits find rest now that the murderous warlock had been brought to justice.

Igorwix: so what do we do now boss?

simple we prepare ourselves and make ready, (looks to the tomb or Sargaras)

This time we are prepared...

I know i'm a bit late for this but on Monday morning in February i woke to find Zootopia had won the Oscar for best animated feature words can not describe of how proud i was of one of my favourite movies winning this honour a huge congrats to Judy, nick Gazelle, finick clawhauser and the others how made zootopia/zootropolis a smash it and a huge thanks to Byron Howard and Rich moor who brought their world to life. and also happy anniversary to this smash hit of a movie

hi all here's to a happy valentine's day for all of my friends.

guys when i went onto kisscartoon i saw they added Sheep and Wolves and get this it's in English Dub!!!…
well ladies an gentlemen the oscar great race has begun with not one but two big hitters this year from Disney, the question on everyone's mind is who will bring home the gold will it be Zootopia or Moana?

cast your votes now folks!!

Zootopia: 15

Moana: 3
Happy New year All and here's hoping to a good one:

Clawhauser: hello can anyone sort out my computer please?

i can give it a go what seems to be the problem?

Clawhauser: well it's running slow, most of my hard drive has fragmented and everything i go on the internet these pop-ups follow me and my home page is different.

okay let's take a look (looks at it) jeez now wonder your computer has gone on the fritz it's got the "2016" computer virus

Clawhauser: is that bad?

well i can fix it it up with some ani-virus software and i will need to defrag the hard drive, but i think i can ix it by the first of January

Clawhauser: thanks Leo (reaches for my wallet) how much will it cost

with friends nothing has a cost on it

Happy new year in 2017 everyone!!!
Well my friends as another Christmas will soon draw to a close here's to a happy Christmas this year to all of my friends and family and a huge congrats to my big brother on his engagement to his girlfriend

Happy Christmas and God Bless us everyone!!!!

hi everyone here's wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year ;)

The Heart Attack Grill i mean what is it a restaurant or a deathtrap this place is just....i cannot even describe of what i'm going to say next so i'll give you a run down.

Basically The Heart Attack Grill has a hospital theme Really?!Judy (NO!) - Icon Chief Bogo - Icon  The customers that come in are called "patients" and the waitress are called "nurses" who wear scantly clad nurse outfits and if a customer does eat the full meal they get wheeled out of the restaurant to their car via wheelchair by a nurse but if they don't complete the full meal they get spanked by them now am i the only one here who calls this a little bit indecent?!Officer Clawhauser - Icon 

And the food they serve is just as bad as well they cook most of the food in lard and the burgers are named after open heart surgery methodsNick Wild Spooked Emoticon. Ranging from the single bypass burger all the way up to the Quadruple bypass burger and they serve all you can eat fries cooked in lard and butterfat milkshakes and if you are over 350lbs you eat for free and the whole thing was started by get this a nutritionist?! Really?! F^%$ING REALLY?!?!?!Mayor Lionheart - Icon 

i mean i enjoy a good burger but i go to places that have common sense like McDonald's or Burger King but the way this place is doing it's promoting unhealthy eating jeez flipping doodles!!!! Bonnie and Stu - Icon 

Zootopia - Judy - Deleted scene - Icon so if you see a Hearth attack Grill in your state use your common sense and stay away if you know what's best for you.Gazelle Sad Emoticon. 
That's right folks just know i saw that Zootopia/Zootropolis had won the kid's BAFTA Feature Film prize congrats to Judy, Nick and all of Zootopia for winning this award!!!!!
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